Tree Pruning

The Timber Tailors: Professional tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree cutting for Northern NJ

The Timber Tailors loves to prune trees.  Don’t believe us?  Just look at our name.  We know how to prune, and we know why to prune.

Proper tree pruning and tree trimming can increase the vigor and life a tree.  Conversely, improper pruning can decrease the health of a tree and even shorten it’s lifespan.  There are many reasons for tree pruning, the most common being safety, health and aesthetics.


  • Removal of dead wood to limit threat of injury or property damage
  • Provide roof-line clearance of limbs
  • Trimming branches away from power or utility lines
  • Cutting branches to open line of site
  • Thinning branches to alleviate weight and reduce potential to snap


  • Removal of diseased wood
  • Selective trimming in order to thin the crown to increase air flow
  • Repair of storm damage to trees
  • Removal of conflicting or rubbing branches


  • Elevation of lower branches, for instance for pedestrian or vehicle traffic or to increased sunlight
  • Pruning to improve symmetry of tree

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