Stump Grinding

The Timber Tailors: Stump grind and stump removal for Northern NJ

Stumps beware. The Timber Tailors can handle both large and small stump removals, with the ability to access most stumps behind gates and on steep slopes.

Stump removals can be incorporated into the tree removal process or saved for a later date.  Regardless of the timing, stump removal has it’s benefits, namely removing tripping hazards and allowing for the replanting of trees or grass.

How is it done?:

  1. Grind: The stump and it’s roots are ground approximately 4-6″
  2. Mound: The stump grindings are mound into a pile where the stump previously was located.
  3. Blow-off: As always, you’re property will be left in as good, if not better a condition then we found it.

Contact our office to schedule a free estimate for stump removal.

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